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Oquirrh Mtn. Temple a bit of England in Utah

Faithful Mormons Ian and Rebecca Murphy expect to feel right at home in the new Oquirrh Mountain Temple — especially since it looks and feels very much like the Preston England Temple they left behind in Great Britain.While he says \"every temple feels like home,\" Ian pointed to the similarities between Oquirrh Mountain and Preston, one of which is the structure.\"There are a lot of commonalities between the two, for certain,\" Ian said. \"The shape of it on the outside, that really just said 'Preston Temple.' It's a great surprise when you first see it.\"Ian said another similarity is \"the staircase right outside the Celestial Room.\"The Murphys are moving to Utah after living for three years in the Nottingham area.The Preston Temple was their home temple.\"Before I went to England, I had never been more than 45 minutes from a temple,\" Rebecca said. \"It was a new experience for us to have to travel. Then we come to Utah and they're all around us.\"The couple married in the Logan Utah Temple and currently live in Salt Lake City. Ian is looking for work in the communications field while Rebecca attends the University of Utah. They plan to stay in the United States permanently.A familiar temple will make the transition a little easier. They see that as a blessing, something they recognize often in their lives.\"The Lord's been following us around a lot,\" Ian said.