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The number: 54% — Presidential approval

President Barack Obama's job approval has dropped significantly since June, falling seven percentage points to 54%. About a third of Americans (34%) disapprove of the job he is doing as president. Most Democrats continue to give Obama high marks (85% approve, little changed from June) but independents (48% approve, down from 56% in June) and Republicans (19% approve, down from 31% in June) have become far more negative. The president still receives overall approval for his handling of foreign policy (47% approve, 32% disapprove), but the country has become much more critical of his handling of the economy (38% approve, 53% disapprove). In June, a majority of Americans approved of Obama's job on the economy. Still, Americans remain confident in the new president. Fully 63% say they are optimistic that his policies will improve economic conditions and 54% say his policies will reduce the deficit over the long term (both numbers have changed little since the spring). And while some of his numbers have declined, 74% still personally like Obama.

Source: Pew Research Center