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Radio dial: KNRS will soon be heard exclusively on 105.7

KNRS (AM-570) is now simulcasting at FM-105.7. But within 45 days, the station will be heard exclusively on 105.7 FM, and a new radio station will debut on AM-570.

The simulcast began Aug. 3. It aims to provide KNRS listeners with a higher-quality sound and a much stronger signal, reaching more listeners along the Wasatch Front.

The FM-105.7 signal is among the best FM signals in Utah, broadcasting in HD from Farnsworth Peak.

This FM-105.7 signal can be heard from Brigham City to Santaquin, from the West Desert to the Uinta Mountains.

Also, the more powerful 105.7 FM signal penetrates buildings better than an AM signal, allowing better listening for office workers.

FM-105.7 used to be KTMY, a Clear Channel station with a Spanish music format that no longer exists.

FM-105.7 has a stormy history. From 2001-07, the frequency was KCPX, featuring rock music. From 2004-07, it was KXRV "The River," with album adult alternative music.

Next up was country music with "My Country 105.7" (sans DJs). "La Preciosa 105.7," the Spanish format of adult hits, came along on Jan. 30, 2009.

Putting KNRS on the FM dial, where more than 80 percent of radio listeners go, will undoubtedly bring more listeners to the station. I estimate about 1 percent or more.

A decade ago, a 1 percent increase wouldn't be a big deal, but today, tenths of a percent separate some stations in the ratings.

Bob Lonsberry, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura, Dave Ramsey, George Noory, all weekend talk shows — plus Fox News, local news, traffic and weather — will continue.

The first clue of the simulcast came on July 27, when Clear Channel, owner of KNRS, registered the Internet domain name of ""

WHO'S MAKING MONEY IN RADIO THESE DAYS? Last week Bonneville announced it was cutting back some salaries and benefits because its revenue is down 15 percent. If KSL and company can't do well in this down economy without reductions of some sort, then who can?

RADIO HAPPENINGS: KBYU (FM-89.1/89.5) will broadcast concerts from the Cathedral of the Madeleine in celebration of its 100th anniversary. The series, "Music From the Madeleine Cathedral at 100," will begin airing on Classical 89 on Aug. 9, 3 p.m. For a complete schedule go to

— According to Inside Radio, minorities used to make up 15 percent of all U.S. radio employees. Now, due to consolidations and layoffs, that number is estimated at 9 percent. Compare that to minorities being about 33 percent of the U.S. population.

— Inside Radio also recently reported that "Radio's become a friend that talks too much about itself."

Some say stations are so busy promoting themselves that they too often ignore topics that most interest their audiences.

— Sarah Palin is apparently talking with radio syndicators to see if there's a place for her in talk radio, according to Inside Radio.

— Radio Journal recently had a great little tidbit: A secret about satellite radio is that its signal doesn't always come from orbit. XM Radio uses thousands of earth-bound relays to boost its signal into canyons and urban areas throughout the United States.