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Provo makes plans to improve image

PROVO — A committee to drive Provo's branding effort was unveiled Tuesday during a City Council study meeting.

The committee will include two council members, two people picked by the mayor, two community experts and others as needed.

"This is more than a logo," Councilwoman Sherrie Hall Everett said. "It's about what others believe about your city and what it offers."

Everett said a branding policy would strengthen the city's opportunities by correcting misconceptions.

The committee will work with a marketing consultant and report to the council for final decisions to drive more tourist and shopping dollars downtown. Finally, the council is to wrap its new brand, including a new city logo and other graphic representation, into a city ordinance.

Branding the city to make it more appealing was one of the council's new legislative intents it drafted in the spring.

Chief administrative officer Wayne Parker said the administration would want to weigh in as part of the city's separation of powers.

"I'm really sensitive about separation of powers," Hall Everett said. "To move this policy along allows the administration to implement policy. I don't see it as a separation of powers."

Instead, the branches of local government should work together, she said.

Because officials don't yet know how much the branding effort will cost, fiscal policy officer Dirk Anderson suggested eliminating the $205,000 budgeted for the effort.

Once the cost is known, the council can appropriate the funds, Anderson said. The council is scheduled to take up the suggestion at its Aug. 18 meeting.