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Emily W. Jensen: Today in the Bloggernacle: Kind acts and gospel art

Thursday, August 6Mormon messages: Enjoy the new

Mormon Message video from a talk by President Hinckley. As always, this

video includes enthralling music combined with beautiful pictures to

accompany President Gordon B. Hinckleys marvelous message honoring The Women in Our Lives. Lovely.Church growth:

Negative information about the growth of the church exists on the

Internet, much of which is exaggerated or misinformed. So begins a

long but fascinating blog post dedicated to Responding To Criticisms About Growth Of The Church.

Matt hopes to provide accurate summary and analysis of the overall

growth of the church, particularly concerning what the leaders of the church state concerning it, and dispelling false or biased claims

concerning this subject. Check it out!Gospel art: Heres a wonderful use for the new Gospel Art book: Gospel Art Family Scripture Study.

This blogger explains the simple way he utilizes the book: We are

simply going through the entire Gospel Art Book, page by page. The

front of the book has verses already selected to go along with each

picture, and we just narrow it down to a small selection and read

straight from the scriptures. We often read only a few verses and just

simply tell the rest of the story. What a great idea for family with

small children!Kind acts : After a brief hiatus, C Jane

is back chronicling her life, although over the past few days shes

been reminiscing about the aftermath of the tragic plane crash that

almost killed her sister Stephanie (nienie). Read about the kindness of

others in providing just what was needed, a swingset in one instance

and mp3 players in another, for her nieces and nephews to feel comfort in

their mothers absence. Beautiful!