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Change on state level

Don Gale errs in concluding untimely deaths and needless suffering by Utahns are a result of a loss of 20 seats in this year's University of Utah Medical School class. He ignores the role of physician extenders, a multitude of healthy lifestyle initiatives in play and yet to come, and the fact that many of this year's freshmen medical students will not stay to practice in the Beehive State upon graduation.

I disagree with the idea that "someone" (the government) should micromanage medical student placement based upon some "pledge" to serve as a family practitioner, with extra credit for those willing to practice in rural America. I could offer a corollary proposal to "draft" journalists from the ranks of the logical and informed instead of the emotional and ignorant.

If change is to be made in the health-care system and medical school education, it must be done on state and local levels by the residents in a marketplace of ideas and reality.

David R. Shorten

Salt Lake City