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Mapleton Board of Adjustment will interpret campaign-sign ordinance

MAPLETON — City Council candidate April Clawson says it's unfair that mayoral candidate Brian Wall put up his campaign signs in July when city ordinance says they can't go up until 60 days before the election.

That would make it early September before signs can go up for the November municipal election.

But Wall interprets the ordinance differently. He says even though Mapleton isn't having a primary Sept. 15, he can put up his signs 60 days before that date — or July 15.

No other candidate has posted election signs.

City planner and code enforcer Cory Branch is deferring to the city's Board of Adjustment to make a final decision, rather than interpreting the law himself, although that will put the issue well into the 60-day window before the election.

"This put (Branch) in a difficult position," Mayor Laurel Brady said. "It puts any (city) employee in a difficult position."

All employees serve at the discretion of the City Council.

"The law is clear," argued Councilman Ben Christensen, who helped draft the ordinance. "We're not to put up signs until 60 days before the election."

The ordinance is expected to be revised, but those revisions won't take place in time to affect Wall's signs.

— Rodger L. Hardy