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Provo parking permit applicant withdraws application

PROVO — The applicant behind a much-studied but never implemented parking-permit program has asked that his application be withdrawn.

Kurt Peterson, who serves as chairman for the South Joaquin neighborhood, withdrew an application Thursday for Provo to regulate street parking between Center and 500 North, south of BYU. Peterson applied for the parking permit program in 2007 in an effort to help residents park in front of their homes rather than compete for parking with students.

Another program in the North Joaquin neighborhood driven by a planned apartment complex, Joaquin Village, recently was put on hold until 2011 because of construction delays. That area is between 500 North and 800 North, just south of campus.

The Provo City Council is scheduled to act on Peterson's request for withdrawal at its Aug. 18 meeting. Traditionally, the council honors such requests.

— Rodger L. Hardy