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Emily W. Jensen: Today in the Bloggernacle

Friday, Aug. 7FAIR coverage: If you want more FAIR conference reporting, check out these thorough blog posts from Life On Gold Plates. BHodges hit every session of the first day and provided

copious notes from each, which included presentations from

Wade Miller, Vickey Taylor, John Gee, Ugo Perego, McKay White, Ron Barney and Robert White. He plans to continue today.

Honored chapel:

This Australian LDS chapel is strikingly

different from most other chapels built in the same era and has

garnered honor for its architectural design. Check out the fascinating

descriptions, architectural drawings and photos depicting the Leura Chapel.

Archivist's job: A month ago, many LDS historians rallied for Ron Romig, after hearing

he would lose his job as an archivist at the Community of Christ. On Thursday, the Good News from the Community of Christ was that he will be the new site director at the Kirtland Temple

Visitors and Spiritual Formation Center. So for any who travel

and visit the Kirtland Community of Christ sites, including the temple,

Ron Romig will likely be there to impart his vast historical expertise.