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2009 FAIR conference stories index

Plural-marriage questions led to trust — By Michael De GrooteGregory L. Smith knew Joseph Smith had taught about polygamy and was

accused of womanizing. He was troubled about this and wanted answers.

He found them in a prayer. Mormon temple worship similar to other religions — By R. Scott Lloyd

There are numerous similarities to Mormon temple worship in ancient religious

texts and traditions throughout the world, said the closing speaker at

the FAIR Mormon apologetics conference.

Professors take arguments to SquareTwo — By Aaron Shill

Richard Sherlock, Valerie M. Hudson and Ralph C. Hancock are hoping to

take their views on controversial social issues to the public square.Duties, perils of defending the faith — By Chelsea WarrenDuring

the FAIR apologetics conference Thursday, August 6, Mormon apologist

Robert White set the record straight on the obligations, perils and

blessings of apologetics.Church history reliable, FAIR speaker says — R. Scott LloydChurch historians today employ rigorous standards, a longtime member of

the Church History Department said Thursday at the FAIR conference.Kirtland Safety Society myths dispelled — Michael De GrooteCriticisms concerning Joseph Smith and wrongdoing with the Kirtland

Safety Society are unfounded, a presenter at the FAIR conference said.

How to keep the faith when children fall — By Chelsea WarrenMormon teacher and author Vickey Pahnke Taylor urged audience members at the Mormon Apologetics Conference to keep the

faith, even when their children fall away.