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Mormon membership growing through youth movement

Young people speak the sermons regularly at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints of Chelsea.They are involved in seminary classes at 6 a.m. every school day morning. Boys, at 19, and girls at 21, serve as missionaries to wherever the prophet and his 12 apostles, located in Salt Lake City, send them. They are supported by their families during this time that they bring the word of God to people around the world.\"Everybody gets an opportunity to speak,\" said Bishop Allen Hicken. \"Typically, everyone is asked once a year to share their thoughts and experience, and teach each other.\"\"We expect a lot of our youth,\" said Hicken, who added that a lot is expected of the congregation as well:The church has no cleaning staff. All cleaning is done by volunteers. None of the clergy is paid, including himself. Every month, volunteers are needed for a day of helping others, whether it is lawn clean-up, painting or other repairs for members who are not able to do them any other way. Other volunteers visit the cannery owned by the LDS Church to can food for those who might need it at the church.Because the positions in the church are volunteer, this leaves most of the tithes that come in to be donated in support of missionary funds, or to support the construction of buildings and temples within the LDS Church, or to fund humanitarian or disaster relief, or education.