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Cresting 30: My two cents of $4,500

Last week, I thought about trading in my ol' clunker for something a little nicer. Why not? The government is handing out money in a billion-dollar car allowance program. Did I hear "free cash"?Sweet! Not only is my trade-in worth the government's $4,500, but the dealership will throw in the car's scrap value. That's some money guaranteed.Buying new cars — that should help stimulate our economy, right? Not to mention, purchasing a more fuel-efficient car is environmentally conscious. Who wouldn't want to drive more miles on less gas, and save the planet?Well, not to burst the perfect bubble, but I think this is the equivalent of putting a Band-aid on an injury requiring a tourniquet.I'm all for being environmentally friendly and energy aware (and that's the over-arching message of this program), but how can people expect to purchase a new car while foreclosures loom?Maybe we should be a more concerned about creating jobs rather than finding experimental ways to spend credit. Logic would conclude; if we make money, we'll spend money. Not vice versa.Speaking of ridiculous spending, $1 billion started this program, and we've tapped that out in about a week. Now the government wants to throw in another $2 billion. Does money finally grow on trees? I love deficit spending. (Sarcasm.)I can see the political cartoon already: Grown men sitting around the dinner table eating cars, and in the background, a toddler reviewing the bill.Obviously, this only scratches the surface. Remember the old axiom: If something looks too good to be true ...It may be free now, but we'll all pay for it later.Editor's note: Don Osmond is participating in a worldwide competition to be the official blogger for an Antarctica expedition. He is currently ranked near the top of 400 entries. If you wish to help him on his way, go