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Provo looks to raise vehicle-booting fee

PROVO — More illegally parked vehicles in Provo were towed rather than booted last year, city officials say.

That's because towing companies make more money towing a vehicle than the $50 fee the city allows if a boot is placed on the offending vehicle's wheel.

So the Provo City Council is proposing to raise the booting fee to 50 percent of the state-set maximum towing fee of $121 per hour. That puts the fee at $60.50, but it can adjust when the state raises the standard towing fee. Most Utah cities use the method, city officials said.

"Towing operators are more inclined to tow than boot," Wayne Parker, the city's chief administrative officer, told the City Council on Tuesday during a study meeting.

The council agreed to have Councilwoman Cindy Richards meet with BYU administrators and students about the proposed fee changes. The council plans to consider revamping the city ordinance and eliminating the $50 maximum boot charge at its Sept. 22 meeting.

"This comes from a tow-truck operator (who said) they have no incentive to boot so they tow and people pay more," Mayor Lewis K. Billings said. "This is intended to be helpful. We're trying to reduce the impact."

— Rodger L. Hardy