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Cement truck hits 8-year-old

LAYTON — An 8-year-old boy was hospitalized Tuesday after he was hit by a cement truck while pedaling his bike to school.

The boy was struck about 8:40 a.m. as he was riding with his brother and sister, said Layton Police Lt. Quinn Moyes. The three siblings were on the sidewalk when they came to the corner of Weaver Lane and Flint Street.

The driver of the cement truck had just completed a full stop and was turning right onto Flint Street when the boy rode his bike into the roadway. According to witnesses, the boy's siblings had urged him to slow down at the intersection, Moyes said.

The boy was struck just as the truck began to turn, but as it had been stopped, it was "barely moving," he said. The boy was run over by "at least one" of the truck's axles, and sustained "serious leg injuries."

The boy did have a laceration to the head but was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, which Moyes said most likely limited the injuries. While he was unsure of the boy's medical condition, he said he was conscious, crying and talking.

As a precaution, the boy was flown by medical helicopter to Primary Children's Medical Center. Moyes said they wanted to make sure he received proper treatment for any injuries that may not have been obvious at the scene.

In light of this and an accident last week involving a 3-year-old girl, Moyes urged parents and motorists to be cautious and to educate their children about safety.

"We have little guys walking to school and some riding bicycles to school. It's time for parents to sit down and go over safety rules with children," Moyes said. "For instance, when we get to an intersection, we get off and walk our bikes."

In a prepared statement Scott Parson, president of Staker-Parson Companies that owns the mixer, said "This incident is a sobering reminder that we must all be cautious and attentive when bicycling, driving or walking. This is a particularly important message for parents to share with children at the first of a new school year."

Moyes said the accident is under investigation and no citations have been issued at this time.