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Adoption not 'giving up'

As an adoptive mother, I appreciated Scott D. Pierce's recent article "Show presents a more sensitive view of adoption" (Sept. 14). However, the wording used in the second sentence — "give your baby up" — was troubling to me as it can have negative connotations of birth mothers not loving their children or discarding them as they would an unwanted item. Members of the adoption community strongly believe that birth mothers do not "give their babies up" but rather "place them" out of love and selflessness.

I don't ever want my adopted daughter to feel that she was "given up." I want her to know that her courageous birth mother chose to place her in a two-parent home because of the tremendous amount of love she had for her. Considering the 2005 National Vital Statistics Report that nearly 37 percent of all births were to single mothers and only 1.6 percent of crisis pregnancies ended in adoption, the few birth parents who chose to place their children for adoption deserve to be praised for the gift they've given not only their children but to adoptive couples like myself.

Mary Memmott