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Take more responsibility

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Roger Carrier's comments ("Insurance rip-offs," Readers' Forum, Nov. 26) underscores a major problem we have created for ourselves. We somehow think that there is some vast pool of money that pays for all our medical (and other) care. Insurance companies spread the pool of need over a large population who pay premiums. When someone "elects" to have a baby, there is significant cost incurred as a result. That money has to come from someplace.

I am sympathetic to Roger's son who is feeling the pinch. I think they would find that a deductible of $7,500 is less than the legal costs some pay to adopt. When we plan events in our lives, it is well that we prepare and save to meet the demands or find some outside source to draw from. Insurance was invented to prevent the catastrophe of an accident or event from draining all our resources and forcing us to bankruptcy. We have somehow drawn it to a level where we expect it, not just to prevent disaster, but to provide all our wants and needs. That is the reason that insurance has become expensive. There just is not enough money from "affordable" premiums to pay all our wants and needs and make the insurance companies rich (their motivation).

I hope a system can be developed that meets our true needs without bankrupting the country. In the meantime, I think we should lower our expectations of what someone else will provide for us and begin to accept more responsibility to plan and provide for our own needs.

Brian L. Homer

Cottonwood Heights