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Emily W. Jensen: LDS Storymakers and tithing settlement from 1896

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Top prize: “An enterprising group of LDS youth in Wales nabbed the top prize in a competition offered by the Welsh Assembly Government,” blogger Krista Cook is reporting. You can watch their winning video all about the importance of students having a voice. Congrats!

LDS Storymakers: Registration just opened for the 2011 — 8th Annual LDStorymakers Writers Conference to be held May 6–7. Last year, the conference “had over 450 attendees, local and national agents and editors, and several guest presenters. The conference is open to everyone, regardless of where they are in their writing careers, what genre they write or their religious affiliation. We work hard to foster a friendly atmosphere where those who love the written word can mingle and learn.” Click to find out more!

Tithing settlement: If bishoprics think modern tithing settlements are arduous, just look at what they had to do more than 100 years ago! This description of “Tithing Settlement 1896” shows just how much work clerks and bishoprics had to do in documenting the financial status of their ward. This should make us all grateful at how streamlined it is today.

White Christmas: As these missionaries know, there is more than one way to have a “White Christmas.” Lovely.