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Book for teens addresses ‘How’ to live the gospel

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Latter-day Saint teens ask a lot of questions, and sometimes parents struggle to provide the answers. How can I increase my faith in Jesus Christ? How can I break bad habits? How can I prepare for an eternal marriage?

Thanks to a pair of religious educators, answering these and other difficult questions facing teenage members of the church just got a lot easier. Co-authors John Hilton III and Anthony Sweat, both longtime LDS seminary teachers, know teens don't just want to know "why" something is important but "how" they are supposed to do it. With this in mind, Hilton and Sweat have compiled a book that helps readers learn how to receive the blessings of doing, living and obeying the gospel. The book is titled "HOW? Essential Skills for Living the Gospel." The book is a sequel to Hilton and Sweat's first book, "WHY? Powerful Answers and Practical Reasons for Living LDS Standards."

The scriptures are full of "how-to" formulas to help us live the gospel, and the authors were inspired by the words of Elder Russell M. Nelson, who said, "Once we understand the importance and meaning of (a) commandment, we need to learn how to do it."

Each chapter address a different "how-to" question, such as:

How can I have a fun and clean date?

How can I tell the difference between right and wrong?

How can I resist negative peer pressure?

How can I know when the Holy Ghost is speaking to me?

"We testify that the Lord will bless us as we learn how to live his gospel and implement it in our life, because ultimately, as Elder Dallin H. Oaks has said, 'The gospel of Jesus Christ is a plan that shows us how to become what our Heavenly Father desires us to become,'" the authors say in the book's introduction.

"HOW?" is available online at DeseretBook.com and other retailers for $32.99.