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Hatch pusillanimous

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I was pleased when several years ago Sen. Orrin Hatch sponsored the Dream Act which would provide a path for young immigrants to become good, productive citizens. However, I was dismayed when he failed to vote for the act, using the excuse that he was attending the graduation of a grandson. Not only was he absent but said would have voted against it had he been present in Washington.

His excuse that ". . . Senate majority leaders have opted instead to move ahead with show votes aimed at currying favor with their far-left political constituencies" shows only that he was attempting to curry favor with his far-right constituency.

How could an act which he introduced and which he defended at a town meeting just last July now become something which the Democrats brought to a vote just to curry favor with their constituencies? How can an act that is right one day be wrong the next?

Pusillanimous is defined as "lacking courage and resolution; marked by contemptible timidity." Sen. Hatch should stop being so pusillanimous and vote the courage of his convictions.

Ted Christensen

American Fork