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Biologists head to bunkers to fight bat disease

SHARE Biologists head to bunkers to fight bat disease

CONCORD, N.H. — State and federal wildlife biologists in New Hampshire are taking to old military bunkers in their fight against a fungal disease that's killing off bats.

Small groups of the bats were found hanging out in several bunkers last winter. Scientists say it was an unusual place to find them, being different from the mines and caves where they're typically found. Something else was different, too: None of them had white-nose syndrome, a fungus that's killing bats across the country.

Because the bunkers would be controlled, artificial settings, biologists will be able to monitor and adjust temperature and humidity levels. If they find bats that have the disease, they might be able to experiment with different treatments, without fear of how a spray or drug might affect other organisms, such as in a cave or mine.