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Recently, Rep. Rob Bishop proposed a "Repeal Amendment" to the Constitution where two-thirds of the state legislatures could override an act of Congress. Bishop argues that his amendment would restore "the vision of the Founders" and "balance" to government. Actually, it would destroy the delicate balance of our Constitution, defeat the intent of the Founders and reverse the verdict of the Civil War.

The Founders sought to balance the interests of small and large states. The House was apportioned by population and the Senate was composed of two members from each state. All acts of Congress must pass both houses. The Repeal Amendment would upset this balance in favor of states with small populations. As more than half of all Americans live in only nine states, the minority could easily overwhelm the majority. Smaller states are overwhelmingly Republican. The Repeal Amendment looks an awful lot like a Republican scheme to cancel out Democratic political influence.

The Repeal Amendment is the brainchild of the so-called "nonpartisan" American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), an "advocacy group" funded by Philip Morris, Coors, the American Petroleum Institute, the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of America, Koch Industries and other pillars of the right-wing establishment. ALEC's agenda is to gut the laws against environmental degradation, health-insurance abuses, corporate corruption and other obsessions of the big-money interests.

In his attempt to resurrect state supremacy, Rob Bishop needs a reminder that our Constitution was established by "We the People," not "We the States."

Breck England