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Money leads to family returning the favor

SHARE Money leads to family returning the favor

Many years ago just prior to the Christmas holidays, our family was struggling financially. We had seven children, two of whom were in college and one in the mission field. I was employed as a high school counselor and my wife was a full-time mother and housewife. We barely had enough income to met our basic needs, let alone having extra Christmas money for a family of nine. How could we, without going into debt, provide a Christmas for our family?

One day a few weeks before Christmas, we received in the mail an envelope postmarked from a community in California that I had never been to before and knew no one in that area. There was no return address or name on the envelope. In the envelope were 12 $100 dollar bills, a $10 bill, two $1 bills, a dime and two pennies — $1,212.12.

There was an unsigned note that said, "Use this money for whatever purpose is needed. In the future when you are able financially, do the same for someone else."

The money helped our family to have a merry Christmas.

Many years have passed and to this day we have no idea who sent the money or why that particular amount, $1,212.12. But we have tried as a family to anonymously contribute to others that they might have a merry Christmas.

Paul B. Hatch lives in Phoenix.