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In defense of Buttars

In reply to Shauna Robertson's letter, "Buttars out of touch" (Readers' Forum, Jan. 28), may I defend Sen. Chris Buttars to the extent that his suggestion to eliminate the 12th grade is not too far-fetched? Back in the 1940s, the Salt Lake School District combined the 7th and 8th grades into the Articulating Unit to save money. This was during World War II. My generation was a product of that change, and we did very well. My future wife graduated from college at age 20. She supported me at the University of Utah. I worked on the Saturn 5 rocket, used in putting U.S. astronauts on the moon. One of those astronauts was an East High classmate of mine. It's easy to criticize, but hard to originate. Maybe Buttars' idea was not perfect, but it does not deserve media ridicule and public snide remarks.

Don Olson