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Nameberry: Tweak that name

Perhaps you've picked out a name you thought was new and different, only to find you were inadvertently following the trends. Or you've been "saving" a favorite name so long that, now that you finally have a chance to use it, it's no longer as fresh as it was when you picked it.

The solution? Tweak that name.

With our very first book, "Beyond Jennifer & Jason," we began suggesting ways that parents could update, respin, and coolify (yeah, that's a word we made up) the names they might be considering.

Don't get us wrong: Many of these names are pretty cool already. Cool and beautiful and interesting and all those good things. But still, there's sometimes a way to ratchet them up a notch or two, and that's what we've done here.


Instead of — Consider

Amelia — Amalia

Clementine — Clemency

Eloise — Louise

Esm e— Ismay

Georgia — Georgiana

Iris — Isis

Isabella — Isadora

Isla — Ailsa

Leah — Leith

Mariah — Sariah

Nora — Noa

Phoebe — Persephone

Rowen — Rowena

Sadie — Sada

Sarah — Seren

Sophia — Sonia


Instead of — Consider

Aiden — Alden

Benjamin — Bennett

Conor — Conall

Elijah — Elihu

Grayson — Gray

Hudson — Judson

Jacob — Hamish

Landon — Land

Leo— Leon

Lucas — Lucius

Max — Mack

Noah — Noam (the new number 1 name in Israel, used for girls as well as boys)

Oscar — Oswald

Reed — Reeve

Sam — Sem

Nameberry is a baby-naming site produced by Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz, co-authors of 10 bestselling baby name guides, including the newest, "Beyond Ave and Aiden: The Enlightened Guide to Naming Your Baby."

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