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Utah Area: 40 sports approved for wards, stakes

Sports from basketball and softball to chess and checkers — 40 in all — are on the list of activities approved for wards and stakes in the Utah Area of the LDS Church.The entire list is available in the area sports committee's February newsletter.Also included is a story of youths on a Saturday morning participating both in church sports and doing baptisms in a Mormon temple, and a question-and-answer exchange with Leonard Mecham, Utah Area North sports director.The area sports calendars also are available online. Among the February events is a young single adult basketball tournament for the Salt Lake area.NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE:January 2010December 2009November 2009October 2009September 2009August 2009July 2009June 2009May 2009April 2009March 2009February 2009January 2009December 2008November 2008October 2008September 2008April 2008March 2008