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Two-legged dog gets help from celebrity friends

LOS ANGELES — Like any good Hollywood transplant, Scooby-Roo went from a troubled past to rehab.

The two-legged dog has celebrity friends like Demi Moore and Alyssa Milano. He has a therapist and a personal trainer and can look forward to a masseuse and acupuncturist.

But it didn't start out that way. The 11-month-old mutt was born without front legs and dumped in South Central Los Angeles. He and his sister Sophie were found living in a wrecked, abandoned car near a freeway onramp. He was covered in blood from scooting around on the asphalt.

A pair of good Samaritans caught the dogs and took them to Sheila Choi, who runs Fuzzy Dog and Cat Rescue, Inc., in Santa Monica. While some shelters might have euthanized the dogs, Choi sent out a mass e-mail looking for donations and other support.

Demi Moore tweeted about Roo. Shannon Elizabeth sent money and tweeted for more dollars.

Alyssa Milano saw a YouTube video of the dog and fell in love, she said through her publicist. She called Choi, promised to help any way she could and became the dog's godmother. Their first get-together included a photo shoot.

Choi has also talked to the Jackson family publicist to try to work out a meeting between Roo and Paris and Prince.

The dog, named for his Scooby-Doo! coloring and kangaroo hop, got a therapist for his emotional scars and a personal trainer to help with the wheels. As he progresses, Choi said they are looking at hydrotherapy and massages. Milano thinks he should see an acupuncturist too.

With the celebrity help, Choi collected $2,000 for a set of custom wheels for Roo.