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'Hope in Our Hearts' by Elder Russell M. Nelson

Elder Russell M. Nelson's latest book, "Hope in Our Hearts," covers a

variety of topics from family relationships to LDS Church doctrine.

In the former area, Elder Nelson recounts a popular instruction: "You

fathers can help with the dishes, care for a crying baby and change a

diaper. And perhaps some Sunday you could get the children ready for

church, and your wife could sit in the car and honk."

In the book's doctrine section, Elder Nelson discusses similarities

between the Israelite exodus from Egypt and the Mormon pioneers leaving

Illinois and Iowa for what is now Utah but then was not part of the

United States. Among the connections: Both groups were miraculously fed

with quail, and while Israel generally was spared from plagues placed

upon Egypt, the early member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day

Saints with their move west generally were spared casualties of the

Civil War.

Of the title, Deseret Book says: "Very few people understand the human

heart like Elder Nelson. During his career as a heart surgeon, he was

able to make innovative advances in the field of open-heart surgery.

Now, as an apostle, he turns to the other side of the heart to provide

inspiration and direction."

Elder Nelson has been a member of the church's Quorum of the Twelve

since 1984.

Eleven of the 18 chapters are from general conference talks given

between 1999 and 2008, two are from Church Educational System firesides,

four are from talks given at BYU, and one is from the World Congress on

Families, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in 2009.

In a short autobiographical introduction included with the book, Elder

Nelson talks about his career, church service and family, including his

decision to marry Wendy Watson in 2006, after the passing of his first