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The winners and the losers

Winner: Forbes Magazine says Utah is the best state in the nation in terms of public debt. The state maintains an AAA bond rating, and its debt calculates to only $447 for every man, woman and child. Of course, that doesn't say anything about personal debt, which may be another matter entirely. But in terms of being able to emerge from the recession, it's a lot better right now to be Utah than California.

Loser: The Jordan School District's decision to lay off 500 employees, including 200 teachers, is another reminder of how unfair the district's recent split was. Sure, tough economic times were a factor, but the folks left over in the district had no chance to vote on the split, which left them a burden difficult to bear.

Winner: The Utah State Records Committee got it right this week, ordering the release of public records related to the arrest of former Senate Majority Leader Sheldon Killpack. We hope the Department of Safety doesn't appeal the decision. Arrest records are public by law. Covering them up, especially when a prominent politician is involved, raises a host of unpleasant suspicions about favorable treatment.