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Utah Jazz extra: Jazz Rowdy round-up

Zany, wild, passionate, loud and proud. And that's just how the 400 fans who didn't make the Jazz Rowdies cut acted last week at Megaplex 12. Five more fun, fanatical tales from the American Idol-like audition:

1. Wow, they must really like the movie in there

Before we get to the part where unsuspecting Lakers entered the lions' den, let's reset the frenetic fandom scene inside the den of insanity at Megaplex 12. About 500 boisterous, decked-out, prop-and-poster-carrying Jazz zealots went bonkers — some gorillas were going ape — to earn spots in a new 78-member fan club. While watching a Jazz-Clippers game on a big screen, the mosh pit/Mardi Gras mania made Bourbon Street look like a quiet lane in Kamas. Hannah Montana groupies act mild in comparison. It was mass hysteria and hysterical. It was also unwise to one's ears to hold a notebook, making it easy to be mistaken for a judge (see above pic of Rowdy guys sent my way as a joke). FYI, this group was noisier than the "When in Rome" crowd.

2. So 3 Lakers walk into a Jazz fan revival ...

Imagine if George W. went to a pro-Obama party in Hollywood with riled-up celebrities or if Al Gore attended a Glenn Beck appearance. Now picture three of Kobe's teammates in Laker gear going to a movie (the night before playing in Utah) and entering the lobby right when adrenaline-filled Jazz fans/Laker haters were out at halftime getting treats, fresh air (or meat?) and perhaps touching up their blue body paint. Gasoline, meet the fire. "Of all nights," a witness joked. As you'd expect, fun trash-talking was done. A few Jazz fans asked for pictures, but the Lakers were escorted sans incident to go watch "Tooth Fairy." (OK, that wasn't their movie.) Too bad they weren't taken to the Rowdies' theater. The rabid reaction of Lakers invading the Jazz spectator spectacle would've been worth admission.

3. So a faux Jazz Dancer, his dad and a bear ...

If Sam Maccauley isn't a Jazz Rowdy, the 12-year-old Saratoga Springs boy should get invited to be a Jazz Dancer. He looked the part in his pink crushed velvet outfit with faux-fur trim and a stylish brown wig. Why a dancer? Well, they had all the stuff. (Who doesn't?) "And I thought it'd be funny." He was. His dad, Marc — in a tattoo skin shirt and a Quincy Lewis jersey — was a proud pa, too. Also with them: Wendy Dismuke, who wore a bear costume and shot confetti. Now that's a family night.

4. You're under arrest — for cheering too loud

The Tennant family seemed to be modeling an entire Fanzz store. They are Jazzed — from 5-month-old Jareth's binkie to his dad's PJs. "We're the X-factor they're always talking about," mom Erin said. Ask West Jordan's police. John, 28, got the cops called on him for disturbing the peace while he cheered the Jazz on vs. the Nets. "We need to go to the games," he joked, "so we don't get arrested." I'm guessing the disturbed neighbors are Lakers fans.

5. The rowdiness has only begun

Jazz Rowdies debut Feb. 22 and were told to keep being wacky. Not a problem for Jake "Mohawk Guy" Weiland, who shaved J notes on his head; or the Murray group in tie-dyed onesies and pantyhose hats; or four Bountiful boys, including Karl Folland, who clanged his dad's foot-wide Swiss cowbell; or the sled-riding gorillas a.k.a. Jared Smart, Kyle Smart and Bryan Armstrong, who spent $530 on costumes and, even crazier, are in Pace Mannion's fan club. To those going to Jazz games, consider this your warning. Bring earplugs, don't hold a notebook and prepare to go hoarse if you try to imitate their enthusiasm.

Who's hot

Deron Williams won silver medal in Skills Challenge, played in his first All-Star game.

Who's not

Mehmet Okur. Yikes. Only scored 8, 8, 6 on 8-28 shooting after a 28-point explosion.