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No bells or whistles

Sen. Chris Buttars has suggested eliminating 12th grade. Not a bad idea, but a better one would be to eliminate kindergarten. Think about it. Why does the general public need to provide baby sitters for 5-year-olds? I never went to kindergarten, and by 12th grade, the only class I lacked in order to graduate was health.

I am a product of Utah schools, including a two-room school and a three-room school in Cache County. In each of the six elementary schools I attended, the principal was also one of the teachers. How much money could we save and how much could we reduce class sizes if elementary school principals taught even half time?

If I could progress satisfactorily in a school with one teacher for four grades, do we really need all the bells and whistles we provide now? The school districts aren't short of money, they're simply spending what they have on the wrong things.

George Hawkins