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Rock On. . .

Surf's up

This year's Feb. 3 football letter-of-intent day made little sense. Does it ever?

Some scouting trackers had BYU clearly the winner among Mountain West teams, while others had Utah. The only thing everyone seemed to agree on was that Florida always gets the best recruits.

My choice as the No. 1 recruit this year is the guy who committed to Utah State, then uncommitted and wound up at Navy. His name (honest!) is Wave Ryder.

Get it? Navy, Wave Rider?

Clearly, the next step is for Air Force to sign a kid named Hy(rum) Flyer.

Makes Jake Heaps and John Cullen sound sort of pedestrian, doesn't it?

Age appropriate

Follow along, if you can.

Lane Kiffin gets fired by the Oakland Raiders. He coaches at Tennessee for one year, long enough to accuse Florida's Urban Meyer of illegal recruiting and run into problems of his own. Then he jumps ship for USC.

Just days into his tenure in L.A., he offers a football scholarship to a 13-year-old who will graduate in 2015.

This just in: Kiffin has also offered scholarships to the baby from the E-Trade Super Bowl commercials, and another to that kid from the future in "Terminator 2."

Island fever

The L.A. Times is out to find the city's favorite sports team, "Survivor" style.

Last week, it began running a poll on its Web site, allowing fans to vote on the team it likes least. The team that gets the most votes is eliminated — one per day — until just one team stands.

First team off the island: The Ducks.

Still standing as of Monday morning were the Dodgers, Angels, UCLA, Sparks, Chivas USA, Galaxy, Lakers, Kings and Clippers.

Second team eliminated was USC.

Just wondering: Is there any possible way to vote Kiffin off the island but keep the Trojans?

The huggables

The NBA is looking into an incident in Dallas whereby two women recently walked into the Portland Blazers' huddle during a timeout. One of the women reportedly wrapped her arms around Rudy Fernandez.

Which is really sad, when you consider the Nets needed a hug so much more.

Comfort food

American skier Lindsey Vonn, attempting to heal a sore shin in time for the Olympics, even tried a cheese poultice.

Sounds OK, but I figure a steak fajita, slathered with fresh guacamole and picante sauce, can fix about anything that hurts.