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Emily W. Jensen: Bloggernacle Back Bench: 2-year blogiversary

On Feb. 11, 2008, I began lounging on the Bloggernacle Back Bench and invited you to do the same as we journeyed to discover the best the Bloggernacle has to offer.

Two years later, the Bloggernacle continues to amaze with creative, fascinating, exciting, sweet, innovative and touching blog gems.

Creative: Let's first explore the "Mormon literary backcountry" that is Wilderness Interface Zone, an extension of A Motley Vision blog, which intends to "open a frontier in Mormon arts, demonstrating in the process that it's okay to write nature literature. (It) features criticism and theory; interviews; original writing, including excerpts, creative nonfiction, poetry, hybrid literary forms, and fiction; odds and ends such as field notes; and news and commentary on events related to nature writing." Click to read or click to submit your own pieces!

Fascinating: What did playwright "George Bernard Shaw and the Mormons" have in common? Peter Fagg explores Shaw's American and English encounters with Mormons, discovering that he was intrigued with Mormonism, enough to spend hours talking to John and Leah Widstoe about their faith. Wow!

Exciting: With the Olympics now in full swing in Vancouver, I loved reading this blog about a sister missionary who got the exciting opportunity to participate in the "Olympic Torch Relay" as it went through the town of Penticton. What a marvelous missionary memory!

Sweet: Just scroll down Beehive Message to find darling idea after darling idea to supplement your calling. It includes Primary music ideas and printables, games, Young Women activities, Relief Society messages and much more. Check out the labels to find something sweet and simple for your next activity.

Innovative: "When I was a teenager, I thought that the notion of disguising your food storage as furniture was totally nuts. Now it seems totally normal." In this fun post titled "Wacked Out Food Storage," this blogger details some of her ideas for hiding food storage in your furniture. It includes both photos and some extra innovative ideas in the comments.

Touching: What is every genealogist's dream? "To walk to the mailbox and open it to find a bulging, heavy, large package that contained a much-awaited collection of family photos, documents, records and news clippings." This researcher documents (with photos) her lovely experience of getting "A Mailbox Full of Family Photos" for her friend, who received them with tears and joy. Absolutely wonderful.

Now let's celebrate other noteworthy posts from the Bloggernacle this past week:

Power pick: Through the blog grapevine (specifically CJane) I heard about a "fascinating" art show that opened at BYU last week called "Fabricating Womanhood": an exploration of the "themes of womanhood and the stereotypical mid-century homemaker." And since I couldn't pack up for a trip to see it and unfortunately it closed recently, I instead found the next best blog thing: EMILYFOXART, the artist's own blog that describes some of the pieces and "Installation Art," which showcases some professional photos of this "captivating" collection. Very cool!

Techie tip: I wanted to find a blog that shared my blogiversary and saw that A Little Tipsy is celebrating her blogiversary week with giveaways each day this week, culminating in a Blogiversary Celebration Finale on Saturday. So click to enjoy some fun giveaways. And a very happy blogiversary to Michelle.