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Praise for payday lender

In light of recent negative press by this paper and others directed at Check City, I would like to write in Check City's support. I have not had the opportunity to interact or work will all payday lenders in Utah, but I do have experience with Check City. I have personally interviewed Check City's representatives on my radio show, Pulso Latino (Exitos 1550 AM). The purpose of these interviews was to educate the Latino community about short-term lending and when it is appropriate to use their services. Furthermore, I know that Check City highlights that their financial services should only be used for short-term needs such as emergencies. Check City has educated the members of the Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce about the benefits and the responsible use of short-term lending. They have also financially supported our Latino youth by funding scholarships for the SOMOS Foundation. This is among many other contributions to various nonprofit organizations, including support to the Dual Immersion Academy and Latinos in Action.

I support the efforts Check City is making to educate the Latino community about short-term lending.

Tony Yapias

Salt Lake City