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You betcha: Fey's 'SNL' return as Palin is likely

NEW YORK — Tina Fey will probably reprise her famous impression of Sarah Palin when she hosts "Saturday Night Live" in April, the comedian told The Associated Press.

"It's inevitable that we'll try it, at least," Fey said in an interview Tuesday. "We'll see if it makes it to air."

Officials at the NBC sketch show wouldn't comment; "SNL" generally doesn't discuss any planned sketches, given that much can change even in the hours before show time.

Fey's performances as the former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate were an icon of the 2008 campaign and drew huge ratings for "SNL."

Fey made four appearances on the show as Palin, earning her an Emmy in September for guest actor. She was also voted 2008's AP Entertainer of the Year.

The comedian said the whole experience was "a little overwhelming."

"It was the strangest thing that's ever happened to me," Fey said. "I've never had anything fall in my lap like that. Everything is usually me trying to convince the people of Earth that it's OK for me to perform. ... That felt like the opposite."

Palin also made a cameo on "SNL," briefly appearing alongside Fey in October 2008. Afterward, Palin said she had fun on the show and would do it again if asked.

In her memoir, "Going Rogue," Palin wrote that she grew up watching "SNL."

The 39-year-old Fey was a head writer and cast member of "SNL" before leaving to create the sitcom "30 Rock," on which she stars. She also stars alongside Steve Carell in the big-screen comedy "Date Night," which will be released April 9.