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Workers rupture Cache County natural gas line

SMITHFIELD, Cache County — A construction company ruptured a natural gas line Monday, prompting the evacuation of four homes and the lockdown of Sky View High School.

Crews working in a new subdivision struck the 2-inch line at about 10:20 a.m., Smithfield Police Sgt. Travis Allen said. The break led to a heavy odor of natural gas in the area of 600 South and 250 East.

Authorities asked administrators at Sky View High to keep students indoors and to turn off the school's ventilation system as a precaution. The school complied with the request. The lockdown lasted about an hour, Allen said.

Police also contacted 12 families in the area and requested that they voluntarily evacuate, Allen said. Four families agreed to do so, he said.

The damaged line was capped about an hour after the break, Allen said, and repairs were underway.

— Geoff Liesik