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The Rev. Davis speaks to legislators about civil rights

SALT LAKE CITY — The Rev. France Davis reminded lawmakers Tuesday that the fight for full civil rights and equal opportunity continues today.

Speaking on behalf of the Utah Martin Luther King Jr. Human Rights Commission, the Rev. Davis said the commission is still seeking to "redeem the promise of America."

"No one wants special privilege, but everyone wants equal opportunity," he said. "We are still on the quest for full civil rights for all."

With a nod to King's work as a civil rights leader, the Rev. Davis called on lawmakers to continue King's pursuit of equality and civility.

"What we need most in 2010 is less mean-spiritedness … more goodwill and more voice for the voiceless," he said.

Rising to honor the Rev. Davis' community activism, Sen. Chris Buttars, R-West Jordan, said, "This is a man who makes our community a better place to live."

— Josh Smith