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Sexual assault may have led to beating of Provo man

PROVO — A violent home invasion over the weekend in Provo may have been an act of revenge.

Two men kicked in the door to a basement apartment near 300 East and 300 South on Friday, police said. The men allegedly beat the 61-year-old occupant, knocking his teeth out and breaking several bones with a broom handle and a construction level.

A man living upstairs heard the fight and told police that one of the attackers yelled, "You raped my mom."

The two Provo men who broke in, ages 23 and 42, were tracked down nearby by police. One of them was bleeding profusely from his hand and was taken to an area hospital. The other man was booked into jail for investigation of aggravated burglary and aggravated assault.

That man later told police the apartment's occupant has raped his mother twice.

Court records show the victim, who required surgery for his injuries, was recently charged with sexual battery.

— Paul Koepp