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Pleasant View man charged with attempted murder

NORTH OGDEN — A Pleasant View man is accused of slashing a "longtime friend" during a dispute over stolen drugs.

Cameron Jeff Payne, 26, was arrested Thursday on a warrant for attempted murder, a first-degree felony.

On Jan. 24, police were called to McKay-Dee Hospital, where 23-year-old Casey Alan Glass was being treated for three slash wounds. One of the wounds went from the left side of Glass' chest to his left hip, according to charging documents.

"The laceration was approximately 25 inches in length," the charges state, noting that the investigating officer could see "muscle tearing, fatty tissue and rib cage bone."

Glass told officers that Payne, "his longtime friend," had sent him a text message asking to buy marijuana, the charges state. But Glass said he was upset with Payne for stealing marijuana from another friend, so he refused to sell drugs to Payne and called him a thief.

"This response agitated (Payne), and he began sending (Glass) threatening messages, requesting to meet to fight one on one," the charges state.

Glass said he agreed to fight Payne, and they met at a home near 900 East and 2750 North. Glass admitted to punching Payne during the fight, the charges state, and to knocking him down.

"(Glass) stated as (Payne) began to stand, he heard what he described as a 'click,' " the charges state.

Glass told investigators Payne came at him, swinging his right arm in a hooking motion and making contact several times. Glass said he started punching Payne in the face, then noticed a knife with a 6-inch silver blade in Payne's hand.

"(Glass) stated he stopped fighting and looked and felt his left side, finding the deep laceration … and ran inside the home … to seek medical attention," the charges state.

Investigators said they interviewed two other witnesses to the incident who corroborated Glass' account of the fight.

Payne's initial appearance in 2nd District Court has not yet been scheduled. He is being held in the Weber County Jail on $20,000 bail.

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