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Reader Voice: One last snowflake

Have you ever seen the beautiful break of day? It is a sight you shouldn't miss.Have you ever seen the ocean blue from a rugged nearby cliff?Have you ever walked the seashore in search of pretty seashellsand felt the water about your feet and the salty spray upon your face?Have you ever walked the forests and seen the trees so greenor been around the mighty redwoods that reach into the sky?Have you ever hiked the mountain's rocky trails and watched all the critters there?Have you ever seen the sandy desert with its flowers and cactus in bloom?Have you ever enjoyed the hot sun and how its heat can be very intense?Have you ever enjoyed the cool rains, the lightening and thunder, too?Have you ever enjoyed a fierce wind with things being blown about?Have you ever enjoyed a fresh new snow with everything blanketed in white?Have you ever enjoyed an ice storm with all God's treasures encased in sparkling crystal so bright?Have you ever seen the beauteous sunset signaling the end of day?It is a sight you shouldn't miss.I have experienced all of these miracles of the Lord and soon I'll be able to see him and touch the face of God.You asked of me what I would like to see before I leave this place;after some thought I think it would be "One Last Snowflake."

John P. Johnston Jr. lives in Mesa, Ariz., and is a member of the Fraser Ward, Mesa Arizona North Stake.