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Awards presented, 'heroes' honored by Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge

SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah chapter of the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge recognized annual award winners and "heroes" Wednesday afternoon during its annual luncheon at Little America Hotel.

The national award winners were: Tina Zocchi, for a youth military essay; Chad Hawkins, for public communications; Davis High School, honored in the school award category; Craig Moyes, in the adult community category; and Brad Jencks, in the youth community "meritorious" category.

"Heroes" awards were given to Jason Day and Todd Kanno, for heroic acts; Shauna Devenport, for community service; and Dr. James B. Mayfield, who was honored for lifetime service.

In addition, seven national George Washington honor medallions were awarded in the youth-essay category to Sarah Barton, Nicole Benjamin, Lindy Esplin, Garret Nash, Whitney Reed, Bryce Spencer and Jacob Taggart.