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Deputies say female body found in Hobble Creek Canyon unlikely that of Susan Powell

SPRINGVILLE — Sheriff's deputies have confirmed that the body of a 25- to 35-year-old woman was found by hikers in Hobble Creek Canyon on Sunday.

The call came in to Utah County sheriff's dispatchers about 4:10 p.m. that a body was found on the side of the road about 3 to 4 miles from the mouth of the canyon. Investigators are calling the circumstances "suspicious" but wouldn't disclose details.

Investigators have been trying to reach the body, which is described as a white woman about 5-foot-3-inches, weighing 130 pounds with dirty blonde hair and small white earrings, by snowmobile or hiking for removal. Investigators said the victim was also wearing two hearing aids,

When asked whether the body could be that of Susan Powell, the missing West Valley City mother of two, Utah County Sheriff's Sgt. Spencer Cannon said they're pretty certain the body is not that of Powell, who has been gone for more than two months.

"It's not connected to any missing person cases that we know about at this time," he said.

Any one with information about the victim is asked to call 801-851-4010

— Lana Groves