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Mike Sorensen: Trading Brewer doesn't help Jazz

With the Olympics on the downward slide now, today we're talking about the Jazz, college basketball and Tiger as well as the Games

So the Jazz finally made a trade, right after winning 15 of 17 games. And Carlos Boozer wasn't even involved. Go figure. Losing Ronnie Brewer for a draft choice won't cripple the Jazz, but I can't see how it makes the team better, now or in the future. Brewer was a No. 14 draft choice, which is basically what the Jazz will be getting back sometime in the next few years. The odds are the player won't be as good as Brewer, one of the few good draft picks the Jazz have made in recent years

Talk about bad luck. After starting 209 of 210 games for Utah the past two years and missing just a handful of games, Brewer suffered a torn hamstring in his very first game with the Grizzlies and is expected to be out at least three weeks

How come it took Jerry Sloan so long to figure out he should start Andrei Kirilenko? Kirilenko is obviously a much better player as a starter. Some guys, such as Paul Millsap or Wesley Matthews will play hard no matter when they get in the game or for how long, but Kirilenko is obviously better when he starts and plays at least 30 minutes a game. So as long as the Jazz can keep Kirilenko happy in a starting role, they should keep winning

I made a negative comment about speedskating earlier this year in a column about the Winter Olympics being overrated. I was wrong. Actually short-track speedskating is one of the more exciting things to watch in the Olympics. It's one of the few events that's a real race, unlike alpine skiing, figure skating, the luge, bobsled, halfpipe and all those sports that are done individually. While you can see some exciting performances in those events, you don't know the actual winner until all the times are computed or all the judges scores are tabulated

Then there's curling. It probably makes me smile more than any other sport as I watch the "athletes" slowly skating along and furiously sweeping the ice with brooms

Could the Mountain West Conference get four teams into the NCAA Tournament this year? I think it's possible, but a year ago I thought the same thing at this point and the league only got two teams. But BYU and New Mexico, which are both 25-3 and ranked in the top 15 in the country, are locks and UNLV is a good bet, since it will likely win the MWC Tournament on its home court. Then there's San Diego State (20-7), which may be the hottest team in the league with six wins in its last seven games and its only loss being in overtime at New Mexico

I think the whole Tiger Woods deal was overblown last week with all the network and cable coverage and analysis the rest of the day and following day. However, I don't agree with all of those who said Woods had no reason to apologize to anyone besides his wife, Elin. No, when you're a public figure who has built a reputation on a squeaky clean image and you do what he did, you need to make some apologies to your sponsors, friends and fans, which he did

Finally there's been some speculation about Woods' comment about being "more respectful of the game." I hope it means we will see some improved behavior from Woods on the golf course. Woods is one of the worst on the tour in displaying or showing his anger by cursing and slamming his club to the ground, which, unfortunately is viewed by younger golfers as acceptable behavior. It would also be nice for Woods when he returns, to wipe the constant scowl from his face and act likes he's having a good time while he's beating everyone else's brains out on the golf course.