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BYU campus briefs


MEN'S SOCCER: The Cougars will hold their annual tryout Thursday through Saturday in the Indoor Practice Facility on the campus of BYU.

"We return a lot of players who have some sort of affiliation to the team whether it was before their mission on a fall team or before their mission on the real team," said head coach, Chris Watkins. "It will be competitive. It will probably be the most competitive tryout we've had based on how many people feel like they have a chance of making the team.

"We will only have 21 players at practice the following Monday (March 1). That's a pretty significant change. Typically we've had about 24, 25 at that point. All the returned missionaries will fit into those 21 roster spots. I'm not happy about having to do this but I think it's the best thing for our program."

Tryouts are open to interested BYU students and potential incoming freshmen for the Fall of 2010. All incoming freshmen must have a completed application turned in. However they do not have to be accepted at the time of the tryout. All players on the BYU soccer team are full-time, continuing students (12 credits per semester) at the university.

Tryout Schedule


6-9 a.m. (Indoor Practice Facility)

4-6 p.m. (Richards Building Turf)


6-9 a.m. (Indoor Practice Facility)

4-6 p.m. (Richards Building Turf)


4-6 p.m. (Richards Building Turf)

10 p.m.-12 a.m. (Indoor Practice Facility)