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Misplaced conviction

Sen. Bob  Bennett
Sen. Bob Bennett
Mike Terry, Deseret News

"The Fight Is Now" reads Sen. Bob Bennett's campaign sign. I could not think of a better line to sum up all that is wrong with Congress today. Our senators and representatives envision their work as a fight, a battle, a war, not what we have sent them to Washington to do — to keep our country running. This misplaced conviction has given us a dysfunctional Congress where terms such as "filibuster" and "party-line" have been heard far too often.

Our country faces challenges. We are losing ground to other countries in education, manufacturing and technology. Our military is overstretched. Our middle class continues to dwindle in numbers. Health care expenses continue to grow. Each year we dig our grave at a faster pace than the last year.

Sen. Bennett needs to change his thinking. Our country's business is not a fight. It is not a game with one side winning and the other losing. We are all on the same side.

Jim Ngo

Salt Lake City