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Northeast YSAs gather for 'Don't Stop Believing' conference


N.Y. — During tough times,

continue to live the gospel and it will take you where you want to be,

President Kevin M. Bulloch of the New York Utica Mission told Mormon young

single adults at FebCon 2010 "Don't Stop Believing" YSA

conference at Cornell University Feb. 12-14.

More than

200 young single adults from Massachusetts to Montreal to Washington, D.C.,

served, hiked, learned and received a spiritual boost together during the

three-day conference.


Bulloch was also asked about getting answers to prayers, dating and marriage

during the question and answer session on the last day of the conference.


answers don't seem to come to prayers, continue on in faith knowing that

Heavenly Father will let you know if you are headed the wrong direction, he said.


dating, President Bulloch encouraged them to find someone to marry who cares

more about their potential spouse than themselves. His wife, Sister NaNon

Bulloch, told the women to watch how the single men observe the Sabbath as one

of the factors of dating or marrying them.


Bulloch also said that happy and successful marriages aren't without problems,

but successful marriages are forged through living the gospel, forgiveness and

working through problems together.

On Friday

night, the young adults played broom hockey, ice soccer and skated. Saturday included

keynote speaker Randy Daybell, assistant director of seminaries and institutes

for the East Coast, and workshops with topics ranging from spiritual survival,

dating and temple worship to basic swing and cha-cha dancing.


the dating workshop by Jennie and Scott Sanders, they emphasized two people

getting to know one another with short, inexpensive dates rather than

activity-based or movie dates that don't require talking.


afternoon included service projects from hanging drywall with

Habitat for Humanity and painting at a job assistance center to sorting

costumes for a youth theater group and activities like hiking to Taughannock

Falls (one of the tallest waterfalls east of the Rocky Mountains), speed dating

and attending a chimes concert at Cornell's Mcgraw Tower. The YSAs later

gathered for an evening of dancing.