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Emily W. Jensen: Today in the Bloggernacle: Moving essays, mission closing

Wednesday, Feb. 24

Mission rearrangements:

You've likely heard about the many mission rearrangements that are

coming this summer, but what was it like for a mission president who

found out his mission would no longer exist? Read about how several weeks ago we received a phone call from Salt Lake..." to find out what happens next!

Service video: Youth in action, literally in Springfield, Mo.

Enjoy this story about youths who begin a service club called Youth in Action an their school and learn that the "Time to Give" is now. Check out this inspiring video at the new Youth

Web site.

Free day: I love this idea for a "Free Day" from chores described in detail in this lovely post. It's mom's turn for "Free Day" and while she "revels

in the thought...the reality is less shiny." And yet, she enjoys "Free

Day" every day. Why? "Because I could sleep, wake, pray, work, eat,

learn, do, answer for my deeds, speak my mind, buy, create, laugh,

love, and live — whenever, wherever, and however I wanted... It was Free

Day because I am in the United States. In Idaho. In Iona.

Every day is Free Day here."

Fragile time: In pondering "The permanence of things" this blogger employs some amazing photos of

United States ruins to illustrate how quickly time moves on. Then, in

applying it to her own life, she muses about "How

it is all so transient, so fragile: my delight, my anger, my worry of

messes both big and small. And my awe at my own children's brief and

blazing childhood...We are, each day, moving towards the empty table

where we will set two place settings instead of six." Haunting, but