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Gun accidentally fired outside Salt Lake airport

SALT LAKE CITY — A skycap at Salt Lake City International Airport suffered minor injuries Thursday when a passenger mishandled the gun he was checking, causing a round to fire.

Just before noon, a passenger was checking his bag and declaring his weapon in front of Terminal 1 when he either dropped or mishandled his semiautomatic handgun, said Dave Korzep, the airport's director of operations.

The gun accidentally fired, striking the pavement. A piece of shrapnel from that bullet struck a skycap in the foot, penetrating his shoe, Korzep said.

The victim signed a release at the scene and was not transported to the hospital.

Airport police were investigating the incident to determine if further action needs to be taken, Korzep said. Flights and operations inside the airport were not affected by the disturbance.

The incident served as a reminder of the right way to declare weapons when flying, Korzep said.

"The proper way to declare and transport a weapon is you have a hardened locked case, the weapon should be empty and ammunition stored separately," he said.

— Pat Reavy