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Emily W. Jensen: Visiting teaching, blogging neighbors

Friday, Feb. 26

Visiting teaching: Need a little visiting teaching inspiration? Well, first, turn off the sidebar music

playlist. Then check out this humorous

Visiting Teaching Video that delightfully portrays some of the

less-than-desirable ways of doing visiting teaching. For instance, the "11th Hour" visit that literally has the visiting teacher calling at

11:56 on the last day of the month. Or even the "Knock & Run,"

which is pretty self-explanatory. And many more. Enjoy!

Blogging neighbors: "I live

across the street from this lady and yet for some reason, I never

happened on her site until last night. I've been missing out!!" So said

Tristi Pinkston over on her blog, while her blogging neighbor, DeDe Smith of

DesignZ by DeDe, explained, "I have a neighbor who happens to be an

author. I have not been a very good neighbor, mostly because I'm shy

and I have a hard time putting myself out there and gaining new

friends. Tristi Pinkston is my neighbor and she is a wonderful writer." Isnt that a fun connection? Thats blogging for you! Check out both

Pinkstons author site and DeDes scrapbook designing site.