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Woman sues over arrest incident

SALT LAKE CITY — A West Jordan woman is suing the city and police over an incident in which she was allegedly slammed against a fence post several times before being arrested.

Deborah Adams says that when police arrived at her home near 8400 S. Redwood Road in response to a neighbor's complaint about her son making noise riding an all-terrain vehicle, they used excessive force against her before booking her into jail, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday.

West Jordan officers Matt Gregersen and Steven Colunga allegedly told Adams they would need to see her identification, but when she went back to her car to retrieve her purse, police stated she would be issued a citation and be placed under arrest without ID.

Adams says in the lawsuit she told police that she hadn't even been home during the complaint, at which point Colunga allegedly grabbed her left arm, yanked it behind her back and twisted her around so she was facing away from him. Then Colunga, Greger?sen and additional officers slammed her head and torso into the fence post, Adams said.

The lawsuit says that Adams was arrested and then released, upon which she was taken to a hospital with injuries that cause her daily pain.

— Lana Groves