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Birthdays for Feb. 27

Actress Joanne Woodward is 80.

Actress Elizabeth Taylor is 78.

Actress Barbara Babcock is 73.

Actor Howard Hesseman is 70.

Guitarist Neal Schon of Journey is 56.

Guitarist Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden is 53.

Keyboardist Paul Humphreys of OMD is 50.

Actor Adam Baldwin is 48.

Singer Johnny Van Zant of Lynyrd Skynyrd is 50.

Actor Grant Show ("Melrose Place") is 48.

Guitarist Mike Cross of Sponge is 45.

Actor Donal Logue ("Knights of Prosperity," "Grounded for Life") is 44.

Singer Chilli of TLC is 39.

Keyboardist Jeremy Dean of Nine Days is 38.

Singer Roderick Clark (Hi-Five) is 37.

Singer Bobby Valentino is 30.

Singer Josh Groban is 29.